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Lowering Company Overhead

Lowering company overhead is a huge deal when your dealing with a…

Increasing Sales

We are very strong in the area of sales process and creating…

Customer Success

Customer Service is a big part in the solar industry and is…

Quality Leads

Leads are very important in this industry especially when their are so…

Software Solutions

We can provide best software solutions for solar such as crm, phone…


We provide top talented employee's that will stay long term and perform…

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Jason Croxford

Founder 801-708-9578

Greg Cordova

Co-Founder 801-347-2595

What Our Consultants Can Do

Provide Top Leads
Recruiting Talent
Creating Smooth Company Process
Lowering Overhead Cost
Create Automatic Work Flow


SolarFuture is a life saver to our company. We were sold by them and at first i thought we were doing great but once they came in we could really see a difference in our sales process down to even the software we were using. Thanks guys for helping us grow and increasing our ROI so much!


Matthew Reeves

Our company was having such a hard time finding great talent and being able to keep that talent till you guys came along. You guys are so amazing and i cant believe how much better our culture and atmosphere is and how nice it is to know we have such great employees working for us.


Ali Phillips

Solar Future has been a great experience and we actually still use them to this day for multiple services. The biggest help has been their lead’s and automatic processes them implemented into our company. Thank you once again for being so awesome and great to work with!


Steven Boulter

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