About Us
SolarFuture is literally the future of solar. We strive to give our client's the best products and service available to all. We are not just one solar company that uses one product but we offer multiple solar solution's to give you the best product and save you the most money. SolarFuture also offer's up to 80 free LED lights to help with your bill. Here at SolarFuture we are not just here to sell you but we are here to help lower your cost and make a difference on our planet.

Going Green

When going solar you are not just lowering your energy cost but you are saving our planet.

Quick Response

With our certified experts we are able to quickly get you saving cost on your energy.

Saving Money

With going solar it allows you to save up to 30% off of your energy cost.


Our Team has over five plus year's of experience in solar and in helping clients lower their power bill.

Jason Croxford


SolarFuture is to help the environment and to help save our planet .

Greg Cordova


SolarFuture is here to help lower cost on your electric bill while making an impact on the Earth.

Mason Petersen

Account Manager

SolarFuture is an amazing company. The fact that we help people lower bills while making an impact is amazing.

"Thank you again solar future for everything you have done. I'm glad that Jonathan took the time to explain to me how we can lower our energy cost but also making such a big impact on our planet. - Beth Hammerson San Diego, CA." "Thank you so much for helping us save money but also having such great customer service.-Tom Harrison Phoenix, AZ."

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